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At the request of The Lady Blog‘s readers, here’s another Asian beauty who I definitely agree that the world should know about. After mentioning the smoking hot Korean Ladyboy pop-group “Lady” there’s no way I could pass over this hottie!

There she is, surrounded by admirers…K-pop transgender superstar Harisu, looking absolutely gorgeous as usual. She’s a post-op Korean Ladyboy who’s not only big in the K-pop music scene, but is a model and actress as well.

Born February 17, 1975, in Seongnam, a city just outside of Seoul, Korea, Harisu moved to Japan in the late 90’s. It was there that this beautiful Korean Ladyboy had her sex change operation, and was discovered by an agent while singing in Japanese nightclubs.

After modeling for a popular Korean cosmetics company, Harisu’s K-pop career was born, and she’s since released 5 albums, acted in film, and even written an autobiography. Even cooler, is that in 2002, Harisu fought in court to have her gender officially classified as female, and won!

Word on the street is, she’s taken folks! Yup, unfortunately for us Ladyboy admirers, Harisu has a boyfriend, and plans on getting married in the near future. Anyway, I wish them luck in their relationship!

The music in the video below may not be your style, but it sure does have some exellent shots of Harisu modeling in all kinds of sexy outfits, dancing around, and looking like an absolute cutie!

6 Responses to “K-pop transgender superstar Harisu”

  1. on 16 Jan 2007 at 5:36 pm exar

    Ah yes, about time!! There are plenty of Harisu clips on Youtube, look up ” harisu arrested” to see a humourous clip from a TV show she did recently. Oh yeah, I almost her modelling clips in a swimming pool too, sweet!!

  2. on 17 Jan 2007 at 7:47 pm glenn

    I saw where she finally revealed her boyfriend to the public whom she recently had been keeping discreet to protect his privacy. Hey LadyBlog readers, how would you like to be him for one night in their bed? The latest also states that they are planning to be wed soon. So we never get a chance with her and then we die. Such is the life of us Ladyboy lovers. Thanks for featuring her Acrylic, she is hot, hot hot!!!

  3. on 23 Jan 2007 at 1:34 am SK8rboy1974

    I have a wife and a little girl here in the us but i am also currenty in love with a LADYBOY in the philipenes who oddly enough looks like HARISU so when i say that i wish i could have met HARISU i would have fallen in love immediatly… SHE is beautiful and elegant and just wanted to say wow !!!!!!

  4. on 23 Jan 2007 at 11:18 pm acrylic

    Glad to hear you like Harisu too! Damn, you’re a lucky guy to know a girl who’s as hot as her. I don’t have a hard time believing it either, if she’s from the Philippines. There are so many beautiful Filipino Ladyboys out there!

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