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Japan disaster relief

This act of kindness gives me a whole new respect for the folks running the show over at Shemale Japan. Within days of the epic 9.0 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunamis that hit Japan, they announced that until further notice…all profits from their site will be going to disaster relief there.

Every little bit helps. As I’m sure you’ve seen on the news, the devastation out there is incredible. Then, to have multiple nuclear power plants in danger of melting down on top of that?! It’s just insane.

One thing is for sure…the way the Japanese people have been conducting themselves throughout this disaster is commendable. They are strong, but they can still use help. Let’s just hope that the nuclear situation improves.

I will also be donating more, and doing whatever I can to send supplies to friends out there. Just wanted to let you guys know that you can help the people of Japan, while also enjoying and supporting the sexy new half hotties of the awesome website Shemale Japan.

Japanese ladyboy

Long time, no update

Hey guys, it’s been awhile. I can’t believe the last time I updated this blog was back in October of 2008! So much has happened since then. If any of the old-school readers happen to stumble along this post…I’d just like to say that I hope the past two years have treated you well.

I’m going through some of the old posts right now, replacing videos which are no longer available, and generally cleaning things up. So if anybody stumbles upon a post with a dead video on it, please let me know in the comments and I’ll take care of it ASAP.

With that said…I think it’s time for some updates here on The Lady Blog! :)

Japanese Shemale HimeAs mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been a longtime fan of Japanese Ladyboys, also known as “Newhalf’s” in their home country. It could be cause my first Ladyboy girlfriend was Japanese American, or maybe it’s just their smooth, milky white skin and soft features which infatuate me. Maybe it’s the fact that they are so hard to find on the web, making them a rare and delicate beauty. I dunno…it’s probably all of the above! ;)

Well, finally someone has created what many of us Asian Ladyboy fans have been dreaming of…a site devoted completely to the gorgeous and rare transsexual beauties of Nippon…Shemale Japan.

The site is brought to us by Grooby Productions, founders of the oldest TS site on the web, Shemale Yum, along with other incredible tranny sites such as Ladyboy-Ladyboy, Frank’s Tgirl World, and more. I’m glad to see that the first Japanese Newhalf site on the internet is in good hands, and will be receiving all the TLC an awesome site like this deserves!

Japanese LadyboyI have no idea how Grooby is managing to shoot this original content in Japan. As some of you may (or may not) have heard, it’s extremely difficult for foreigners to shoot porn there…and next to impossible to film these elusive Newhalf hotties! You need some serious connections to pull off such a thing, which is one of the main reasons there are currently no other Japanese Ladyboy sites on the net.

As for the site, I love how it’s done up inside. Very easy to navigate, and there is a nice write-up for each of the girls featured there. It’s cool, cause besides downloading the pics and vids, I love knowing more about these girls’ lives. Even though the site’s new, they’ve already got quite a variety of Newhalfs in there, from schoolgirls, to AV actresses, to mature hostesses. Very well done. I am so excited that there is finally a site for these girls!

Click Here to go to Shemale Japan

You guys are gonna love this gorgeous Newhalf beauty from Japan. Her name is Coco, and when I saw this clip from a Japanese TV show, I was blown away!

Coco says the only work she’s had done is her boobs and SRS at $5000 total. Well, she certainly had sexy little feet and hands, but as they panned the camera up towards her face, I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting much more than an average looking Newhalf…

What I saw instead, was the face of an angel!

That’s right folks, here is the face of true Japanese Ladyboy beauty for you. They said she works at a place called “Vogue” in Japan, but I couldn’t find any info about it online. I sure would love to visit some day. I did some other research on Coco around the net, and found another blog claiming she is a pre-op Ladyboy. But according to this video, she is now post-op.

Besides that, she mentions that she loves to cook, but cooking for other people makes her especially happy. Just imagine the lucky guy who marries her someday. She’ll make such a beautiful bride. Seriously, I’d say she’s close to the same level as Nong Poy in terms of cuteness. What do you think?

As you can tell, I’ve got a serious soft spot for Japanese Ladyboys. There’s just something about these Newhalf hotties that drives me wild. Maybe it’s the fact that they aren’t often seen on the web. But word on the street is, there’s a new site coming out soon that’ll be 100% devoted to the sexy Shemales of Japan. I can’t wait! :)

Cebu TGirl Myles

It’s always great to get comments from real Ladyboys here on the blog, and Myles is another cute Cebuano Ladyboy who left one here last month. I’ve noticed that most Ladyboys commenting here are Cebu girls from the Philippines…and so far, they’ve all been really nice, and really cute!

I emailed Myles, and she sent me some photos of herself so I could put them up here. She also told me she’s 21 years old, and no longer lives in the Philippines…she’s now living in Koh Samui, Thailand. Man, would I love to go to Koh Samui one day! For those who don’t remember, I wrote a post about a wonderful photoshoot with Ladyboy Eye in Koh Samui a couple years back. Looks like a very beautiful place, and Myles, if you’re reading this…I’m so jealous that you’re living there! :)

Here are some more pics which she sent…

Cebuano Ladyboy

Cebuano Ladyboys

Cebu Ladyboy

Thanks Myles! You’re a real cutie! I like the last pic the best. ;)

Ladyboy Mint

Yes this is the Ladyboy Mint, the Thai sweetheart with one of the biggest cocks you’ll ever see on a girl. You might never suspect it from her innocent look in that cute schoolgirl uniform…but this petite Asian Ladyboy is capable of some of the kinkiest things you could hope for from a lady!

Big cock LadyboyEver seen someone fuck their own ass, or lick their own penis? Well if the answer is no, then I can only assume you’ve never seen Mint’s videos. Been her fan for quite awhile now, and the old school readers may remember me posting about her when she was on LB-69. In fact, if you search the blog, you’ll find several posts here about her. She’s one of the best Ladyboy performers I’ve seen, so you can be sure I was jumping for joy to see that the LB-69 crew has created a site just for her!

The site’s name is Long Mint, and when any first timers get a look at her big Asian Shemale cock, they’ll know why. ;) The site is a side of Mint I’ve never seen before, and I must say she is looking prettier than ever. Anyway, just wanted to give a head’s up to all the fellow Ladyboy lovers out there on this hot new solo site!

Click Here to go to Long Mint

Ladyboy pussy

Finally it has happened. Someone has created a 100% post-op Shemale site dedicated completely to these rare beauties with…Ladyboy Pussy. Yes, every girl you see featured on their tour once had a penis…but now has a tight new pussy which I’m sure every guy would love to fuck! I know I would. Never had sex with a post op Ladyboy yet, but would sure love to try!

The cutie you see here in blue is currently my favorite girl at Ladyboy Pussy. Her name is Ammy, and I just love everything about her. You guys know I’ve got a foot fetish, and I just can’t stop staring at her pretty painted toes! Not only that, but she’s got great, natural looking breasts, a tight round ass, pretty face and sweet smile. Just look at this sexy babe…

Sexy post opBlonde Ladyboy
Ladyboy AmmyPost op shemale

I also love the slogan for their site…
“Now you can fuck my ass, and my brand new pussy”
Funny, that’s exactly what I was thinking when I saw these girls! :) Here’s another fine post-op shemale beauty from the site named Paula…

Post op Ladyboy Paula

Man, would I love to shove that big red buttplug in Paula’s ass while sliding my cock into her hot, new, Asian TS pussy.

I’ve been browsing their site for about a week, and I’ve gotta say that Ladyboy Pussy gets The Lady Blog 5-Star seal of approval. Fabulous, huge images, original hardcore videos of sex with real post-op hotties, and even a surprise you’re not gonna believe…Guess who’s got a brand new pussy? Cute Ladyboy Wawa!

Obviously, if post ops aren’t your thing, then this definitely is not the site for you. But if you’ve been curious about these beauties, and what sex with a real post op girl is like…then I think you are going to love it!

Ladyboy Pussy

Ai Haruna

You guys know I love featuring pretty Asian Ladyboys from all over the world, and now I have another cutie from Japan who I’m a fan of. She used to be Osaka’s #1 new half at the hostess clubs out there…and after seeing her peppy attitude on video, I can understand why!

Her name is Ai Haruna, and this Japanese Ladyboy is not only super cute, she’s got a great sense of humor! Like Nong Poy, Ai Haruna is a post-op Ladyboy, and also competed in the Miss International Queen pageant (2007). Here’s a video of her from that event…unfortunately the image quality isn’t the best:

Ai has been getting popular on Japanese TV for her hilarious impression of famous J-Pop idol, Aya Matsuura (a.k.a. “Ayaya”). I doubt any readers unfamiliar with “Ayaya” will understand the humor though, so I’ll refrain from posting video of her impression. However, I did find a very cute one which I think you may enjoy. Unfortunately, it’s all in Japanese…but fear not…I’ve studied a bit of the language, so will give you a play-by-play of the whole thing. :)

For the full play-by-play, click “Continue Reading” below…

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